computer scientist

Communication in the Future

The world is changing at an incredibly complex and impressive speed. The internet is the new way to communicate with one another and change the world. We are advancing at the speed of light, and with that come new and engaging technology that will change your life. Technology has already changed at astronomical proportions ever since 1984, when the first Macintosh was announced. Since then, technology has gotten a lot smaller, faster, and easier to use.

Simplicity is what changes technology. Whenever a product can be used by a mass number of people, it becomes revolutionary. The iPhone, iPad, and Mac are all examples of a revolutionary product; they change the landscape of tech. Humanity will become smarter and more efficient as technology becomes used by all. Everybody will have access to everything. Words, history, facts, all easily accessed through the internet.

With simplicity also come complexities. Access, for instance, is what is holding us back from a unified web world. Even in America, many internet service providers don't provide the bandwidth necessary to promote future web activities. Unlike urban areas, the population density of rural areas is miniscule. Where you would have 20 million per cell tower, it now is just 20, which does not make rural areas very lucrative for the ISPs. Slowly though, as it becomes more cost effective to place fiber internet everywhere, everyone will be able to have access. When everyone has access the internet instantly becomes ever more important, as it will be the way most, if not all, people will communicate.

With the internet and communication though, there are some serious ethical concerns. First of all, your internet profile is not necessarily an accurate depiction of yourself. And second, the internet is not a group of just humans. It is also a group of computers, servers, and software designed to get you to do something. These computers are getting smarter every time you google cat pictures, email something, or take an online IQ test. Computers can understand you, your life, your family's life. Literally everything you put on the internet, it's going to know. Google, Apple, Yahoo, and a ton more websites you visit use something known as a web crawler or robot to see your website traffic. They use this information to better their products, but mostly for specialized or targeted advertising.

The internet is growing exponentially, and once the web is available to all, communication as we know it will change. With faster speeds, more efficient standards, and next generation technology coming into play, there is no telling what the future holds. All we know is that the internet will be in the middle of it.