computer scientist

My Web Development Philosophy

As a web developer, I create websites that people will enjoy using as much as I do making them. Building a website is not as easy as you may think. It’s like painting a picture; it requires a lot of thought to design and develop websites. Every web designer has a certain design philosophy, just like every painter has a certain way of painting. Here is my philosophy on modern web development.

When looking at a recent website of mine, you notice that I don’t use black (#000) for the color of my text. Instead, I use a lighter gray (#666) for paragraphs, headings, and other standard website elements. This allows other multimedia elements, like photos, videos, and even links, to pop out and come to life in the sea of grayness. Also, it makes the design very unique and clean.

In a website, not everything is about how gray you make it. There are some other components, like grids, for instance. Grids are the scaffolding of the website. They’re used to lay out the content, and to give the user an orientation for what is going on. They are not, however, the only components that I like to use when designing. I always develop my buttons to have a certain type of personality. Simple, but not too simple, is what I like to do. Buttons are fun to build because you already know how they ought to be designed. Either you give them a border or you give them a background. Either way, it looks good. You can never make a button look crappy (unless you’re terrible at designing them).

In general, I believe that building a website is one of the most exciting things you can do. It requires lots of hard work, but it is all worth it in the end.