computer scientist

The World’s Glass of Water

When I look at the state of the world, I believe the glass is half full. I feel this way because even though ISIS is trying to takeover the world and Russian soldiers are in Ukraine. The USA and allies are currently destroying ISIS via airstrikes, which is good and bad. Good because we are finally taking down this horrible group. Bad because these air strikes could very well turn into another decade long war on “terror”.

Another reason I see the glass as half full because even though Russian soldiers are in Ukraine, they aren’t killing or anything. They are just wandering around the city looking mean. Besides, we didn’t end up escalating this by going to war with USSR Russia. I think most of the world is just glad that the governments are stable enough where we can address issues using the power of voice, not force.

A third reason I see the state of the world as half full is because we are on an economic rise after that horrible recession back in ‘08 when the housing market completely collapsed. Another good thing is that we are starting to see a class balance, with a bursting middle class.

A fourth reason the state of the world’s glass of water is half full is that people want to be free. People in countries where there is no freedom are finding out that through the power of the internet. Governments are having a hard time of keeping information out of the hands of their citizens, which will lead to more autonomy and freedom. Maybe even democracy in communist countries like China.

Less killing, more freedom, and more money; These are all you need for a great, stable world.