computer scientist

This I Believe: Passion

Most anything ever created has been out of human passion. Passion for creativity, learning, teaching, mathematics, and making big bucks. When one evokes change, it is out of one’s passion for doing something. It does not have to be as huge as landing on the moon or bombing the World Trade Center, but it requires one to seize their inner creativity and fly where the world and their unconscious take them. This I believe: passion is what advances the human race.

When working on the physical models of the universe, Albert Einstein used his passion for physics to create mathematical formulae to show the relativity of each object in the universe. This concept, known as the Theory of General Relativity, is now extremely important in the physics community. It has led to some important discoveries with how gravity and time work. All this from Einstein’s passion and love for physics.

Steve Jobs created a new lifestyle around personal computing with consequences the world only now is beginning to understand. Out of a fundamental need for innovation and a great passion to entertain it, Jobs changed the world by creating an environment in which technology could be cheaply and quickly developed. Now, startups introduce low cost gadgets for all sorts of uses, creating new technologies upon new technologies, abstracting the way one uses their devices. Passion creates passion, rinse and repeat.

I want to be like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. I want to change the world, and I know to do that requires passion. I have a huge passion for computer sciences. I love building things and watching others use the applications I have created. This gives me an incredible high and makes me want to build more complex, creative apps. It took me however a long time to figure out what I was passionate about. I went through baseball, soccer, t ball… all failing mostly due to the fact I had no passion for them. I did not enjoy playing sports because I am extremely nearsighted, so when the ball came it was already too late. For me to have passion, it requires that I am both physically capable and have a want to accomplish that particular skill or project.

What I am good at and love to do is building and creating websites, using languages very difficult to interpret as a novice. It was so frustrating learning how to code, constantly having to look stuff up and steal from other code. But I stuck with it. I wanted to actually build an application. And I did and it felt great. But it was miserable so I built another one, constantly building upon my experiences from other projects and finding easier ways to code.

Finally, after almost six years of passionately developing, I think that I am ready to create professional applications and make them faster and more streamlined. This journey, going from zero to pro, was fueled out of a passion for technology. It took a long time, but the trip was worth it, all because I had the passion to get me there. After all, anything anyone has created was because they were passionate about it.