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Three Parts of a Great Website

Designing and developing a website is challenging, especially if you are working on a team. Who knows what everybody is supposed to do? Does each person get a webpage to design or should each person do the thing he is best at? This is probably the best way to go because not only will the design look the same from page to page, but everyone will do his very best. When working with a team I think you need a manager, a developer, a designer.

The manager should know how to build a website from start to finish, recognize the strengths of his teammates and know what they have to bring to the web design table. The manager isn’t a boss, but the leader of the pack. He has to be the role-model, keep tensions low and the team focused. The manager also puts the finishing touches on the design and adds content, like photos and writing. The manager works closely with the clients to figure out what they want.

The designer is the creative genius. He gets the project rolling by drawing up some “mockups” in Photoshop. He figures out the layout, colors and fonts of the project. The designer creates all of the components of the site. Then, he hands the designs off to the developer, who turns the prototype into reality.

The developer builds from the design. He makes the website functional while keeping the design that was envisioned. The developer and designer work together during a project to make sure the design says the same during the development of the site and also to make sure that the design is what the client wanted.